First Things First

"Oh man I hope she doesn't cost a million dollars." It's okay, I think the same thing too when looking for services. My work doesn't quite cost seven figures, but I'm also not a bargain bin photographer. Investing in photos, your memories, is one of the coolest things you can do for yourself and your family. And my clients are THE coolest.

The Details

Because every wedding, every session, and every client is unique, I don't have a one size fits all price. All sessions and wedding collections come with digital images with printing rights. If you aren't in the Washington area, I have a flat fee for travel and out of state weddings. I love adventures! I do try to keep it simple, and like to work with you to find out what you need, whether it's 2 hours or 8.     

Wedding collections: $2,500-$6,500
Lifestyle & Sweetheart sessions: $450
Hourly & elopement rates available upon request

Let’s Chat

I'd love for you send me a message so we can chat about your needs. I sit down with every couple I work with prior to booking to make sure that we are a great match. It's kind of like a blind date lol. Head over to my contact page and tell me all about yourself! I can't wait to hear from you!

GOT A QUESTION? #alltheanswers

Q:  How would you describe your work?

A: I try to capture both sessions and weddings in a candid approach. Your wedding is not a photoshoot, and it shouldn't feel like one. I want your session to feel like a date, maybe just one where friendly paparazzi is following you. No two weddings are the same so I never try to replicate things. Unless it's that photo of you and grandma, because that's a must. I tackle each day with a clean slate and capture what happens organically. I'll help you find the spots with the best light, and direct you when it comes time for the "posed" images, but for the most part I want to document your love in all the ways it's unique to you.

Q: Where should we take photos?

A: While I'm happy to help you choose a location, I'm usually the one asking you that question. If possible, I like my clients to choose a spot that has meaning or is special to them. This will show in your images when you stood in that same spot you fell in love, or went on your first date, or whatever special reason you chose that spot. If you can't decide or need help, I'll ask you a few questions based on what you want and we can choose somewhere together.

Q: How far in advance do you book couples?

A: For this one there isn't a right or wrong answer. For weddings 9-12 months is common, but I have booked weddings as far out as 18 months, and as soon as 8 weeks away. For sessions, usually about 3 months out, but keep in mind some seasons will be busier than others. It never hurts to ask even if you feel like it's too late. If i'm already booked, I'm happy to refer you to someone equally cool.

Q: What is a "sweetheart session"?

A: Sweetheart sessions are very close to my heart. Essentially, they are an engagement session for anyone who isn't engaged. Whether you are just dating, or have been married for 20 years. It's a session for you and your sweetheart to connect and be young and in love. I believe that married couples, especially moms and dads, NEED to have separate photos from the annual family photo. That relationship is the one that started your beautiful family. Consider it a fun date night, to appreciate each other and all the reasons you fell in love.

Q: What should we wear?

A: BE YOURSELF. Wear clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in. Don't wear something just because your friends did in their session. The more you feel like yourself, the better you will look in photos. I usually recommend something a little dressier than everyday, maybe something that you would wear to date night. I'm happy to send over some of the style boards I created that can show you how to coordinate outfits, and examples of outfit choices. If you aren't sure, just ask me!

Q: How do we book you?

A: Well first, you've made a good choice if I say so myself. But yay! Just send me an email, and if we haven't already we'll sit down and chat over coffee or tea. This is really for both of us to make sure we are a great fit. If we decide yes, I'll send you over some paperwork and a signed contract with 30% retainer are due to secure your date.