HI f r i e n d s

I've always been a little bit of an odd duck. Not in a "avoid her at all costs, she will talk to you about sea algae ad nauseam" kind of way but more of an awkward skip to the beat of my own drum kind of way. I like that about myself. And for the record, I don't know anything about sea algae.

I can be painfully shy. I may secretly be an 80 year old woman inside a 31 year old's body. I rock a lot of cardigans and polka dots and can't get enough chai.  Me and Jessica Day are either best friends or the same person. I would be an animal hoarder if I didn't have self control. I post a lot of photos on instagram of my dogs (#adventuresofhuckandsawyer). I have the best husband, we met in kindergarten and he always lets me pick what color toothbrush I want out of the two-pack. I cry. All the time. #whyamicrying. Board games are my jam, especially Scrabble. I don't like to be the center of attention, in front of the camera, or late.  I love life, but especially mine because it's awesome.

When I'm on my way to photograph you, I'm probably just as nervous and excited as you are.  Every time is just as exciting as the first time someone hired me. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I want to make sure your day, your photos, your memories are as perfect as we both want them to be. Perfection doesn't exist, but if at the end of the day you LOVE your images as much as I do.. it kind of does. And then there it is on your wall, for always.

My work can best be described as authentic and unique. Maybe a little romantic too.
Let's be friends, I want to take your picture.

Images by Justin & Mary, and Suzanne Davis 

I I love the outdoors I love traveling and being outside in nature. I love to hike or just go sit by the ocean or a lake/river. I love to go by myself to clear out all the noise in my head.
II I don't like cake I also don't like mashed potatoes. I know it's weird but I just don't. Other fan faves I don't care for: guac, ketchup, mayo, sour cream, bananas, & jelly on my PB&J
III I love movie scores Not the soundtracks (I like those too) but the music made by the orchestras that doesn't have words. It's so beautiful. The Leftovers score is my current favorite