Ashley & Brian’s Ledyard Engagement Session

You’re my bright blue sky, you’re the sun in my eyes, oh baby, you’re my life”
– Christina Perri

Reflection of couple in puddle during Ledyard engagement session in CT

Ashley and Brian are one of those couples that seem to fit together like puzzle pieces. Obvious that they go together, similar on the edges and colors but not quite the same. They fill the spaces. The puzzle piece analogy is very cliche I know, but I’ve never used it before so let’s just be cool. Ashley is outgoing and exuberant and Brian is joyful and a little more laid back. Together they are very sweet and seem like they are both this happy medium of warmth and contentment. I think that comes with time. These two met in high school, which I think is a testament to them and their relationship. Without a doubt, most people grow and change a lot from that time to mid twenties. I think if you can weather those changes and grow together, you can withstand most of the curve balls marriage and life will give you.

I was worried the never ending rains would be back for their Ledyard engagement session but they stopped hours before. Luckily for us, it gave us very lush scenery, and a few puddles for me to play with. They had wanted something with water and greenery, but weren’t really beach people. The Ledyard Sawmill offered a lake, some rustic elements and the forest with open spaces. We explored the area together and they told me about how they had just run a Spartan race. I told them I hate running in general.
I’m looking forward to their wedding this fall which will be at the The Pavilion on Crystal Lake. Ashley & Brian, I think these turned out great. Can’t wait to see you guys on your day! 🙂

Guys, the image on the left? Aren’t they the sweetest?

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